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Flash CS5 professional enables on-demand video delivery in the following 3 ways:
1) Using embedded video within SWF files
2) Using progressive download FLV files and
3) Streaming video from in house Flash Media Server or from a hosted server using Flash Video Streaming Services.At Mindfire we have developed video player applications using all of the three approaches. Our Flash developers are good at understanding the client need and building suitable application to meet the client needs. You can have a look at the projects we have done in Flash video player to know about our expertise. In this article I will present the list of features of the first method ,i.e. using Flash application development embedded video within SWF files breitling copies under the following categories: Encoding, File size, Timeline access, Publishing, Frame rate, Actionscript access, Web delivery, Performance, Usage and Compatibility. I have got the details from website.
By default, the Video Import Wizard prompts you to launch the Adobe Media Encoder if needed to encode video using the On2 VP6 video codec for use with Flash Player 8 and later. Alternatively, FLV files (encoded elsewhere using On2 VP6 or Sorenson Spark codecs) can be imported and placed on the Timeline (re-encoding is not necessary). F4V and H.264 files cannot be embedded on the Timeline.
File Size
SWF files contain video and audio streams and the user interface, resulting in a single, larger file size. SWF files can load each other, enabling you to break up individual video clips into multiple files.
Timeline Access
When embedded in the Timeline, video appears on individual keyframes and can be treated like any other object on the Stage. Ideal for creating interactions based on individual keyframes of video.
Each time the content is published or tested the entire video file is republished. Changes to video files require manually re-importing the files into the Timeline.
Frame Rate
Video frame rate and SWF frame rate must be the same.
Actionscript access
Video playback and control is achieved by controlling the SWF content's playback on the Timeline. Flash Professional CS5 provides A Lange Sohne watches several code snippets designed to control video, audio, and timeline playback in an ActionScript 3 file.
Web Delivery
The SWF file progressively downloads, unless you embed it in a movie clip. In that case, the entire video must be downloaded to the client and loaded into memory before it plays back.
Audio Alain Silberstein and video synchronization is limited after approximately 120 seconds of video. Total file duration is limited replica audemars piguet to available RAM on the playback system.
Shorter video clips (less than 1 minute) that are smaller (less than 320 �� 240), and have a lower frame rate (12 frames per second (fps)).
Flash Player 6 and later (On2 VP6 codec requires Flash Player 8 or later.) In the next article I would elaborate on the other two methods of video delivery.